September 13, 2023

Youth got it! Livestock Loan Project

Youth got it! Livestock Loan Project

We empower youth with financial assistance through our loan program. By supporting hands-on animal care, we foster responsibility and ownership skills from a young age, promoting personal growth and independence.

This Loan Project is specifically designed for students in 4-H and FFA (Ages: 9-18) in the Imperial Valley.

Here are the loan conditions:

  • Loan amount: $250-$2500
  • One animal per loan per student
  • Interest rate: 4% APR*
  • Auction Animal (Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Chicken, Lamb, Sheep, Market Goat, Swine, Feeder Calf, Production Steer)

To qualify for the loan, the following requirements must be met:

  • Minimum GPA of 2.0 (Report Card Required)
  • Project Achievement Letter
  • Budget Analysis Signed by Project/Club Leader

Wondering how you can save on interest with our loan program? It's simple!

By paying off the loan before the due date, Sun will waive the interest.


*APR: Annual Percentage Rate. Rate at 4%, with maturity date on June 01, 2024. No FICO requirements for parents or guardians. No bankruptcies or recent charge-offs/losses with Sun Community. Speak to a Sun Community Representative for further details.