Become a Community Partner

Let us illuminate what's possible for your employees

If you love your employees as much as we love ours, you care about their personal well-being; including their financial success. Sun is a proud partner to many employers in the communities we serve, and we’d love to partner with you too!

What does a partnership with Sun look like?

We create a package of financial products and resources specifically designed to meet your employees' needs.

Packages May Include:

Your Employee Credit Needs

We have an array of products with competitive terms to suit most needs including credit cards, and personal loans, among others. While we can’t approve every loan, we work hard to understand your employee’s personal story and find a product that will fit. We have products for those who have established credit, new to credit, and even those working to improve or repair their credit. In the event we can’t approve a loan, our certified financial counselors will help your employee understand the steps they can take to get to “yes.”

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